Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner

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Color: White


It seems like you're looking for a portable device that combines several functionalities: humidification, air conditioning, air cooling, hydrocooling, and adjustable air settings with a 3-speed fan, suitable for household or office use. Such devices are indeed available on the market and can be quite versatile in providing comfort in different environmental conditions.


  • Humidification: They can add moisture to the air, which is beneficial in dry climates or indoor environments with low humidity levels. This can help alleviate dry skin, throat irritation, and other discomforts associated with dry air.
  • Air Conditioning: While portable units may not have the same cooling capacity as traditional air conditioners, they can still lower the temperature in a small area, making them suitable for personal use or for cooling specific zones within a room.
  • Air Cooling: These devices use evaporative cooling technology to lower the air temperature. They work by drawing in warm air, passing it through a cooling mechanism (often involving water evaporation), and then releasing cooler air back into the room.
  • Hydrocooling: Hydrocooling typically refers to the use of water or a water-based cooling system to enhance the cooling effect. It can improve the efficiency of air cooling and make the environment more comfortable.
  • Adjustable Air Settings: Having multiple fan speeds allows you to customize the airflow according to your preference. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a stronger cooling effect, you can adjust the fan speed accordingly.


  • Power (W): 10w
  • Voltage (V): 5V
  • Timing Function: No Timing

What's include in box?

  • 1 x Portable Humidifier  Fan Air Conditioner
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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Isaias Beer

I loved the product. Very cool to buy in there. Are interesting, creative, cheap products that we do not easily find here. It is good to always serve well and be ethical with consumers. Keep it up, hugs!

Viviane Jenkins

One fan came without a panel and the fan cover does not hold but fortunately everything works)

Royal Heaney

I got the wrong colour (ordered white) and a small scratch on the plastic cover, but apart from that the tool is great and cheap. I don't know why no big retail company is not selling it in Poland.
Because it uses USB type C, you can easily connect it on your office desk. Regulated angle does the job and humidifier adds to the refreshing feeling, while not leaving droplets around.

Bartholome Rodriguez

Arrived well, earlier than expected, it works well only that it has to be connected all the time, it is not rechargeable

Vergie Rath

Works well, if it cools moderately but does its job, the box was badly damaged but the item did not have any scratches.

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